Why Men Date Younger Women

Why do men try to date younger women? I find it really annoying. Perhaps I find it annoying as I am now an “older” woman but I think it is because it is such arrogant behavior. Most men who I see attempting to do this have a lot of money. These men are so silly. Do they actually think a younger woman would want to be with them if they were poor? Why in the world would a young woman with a young body and face who is hoping for marriage and children possibly be interested in hanging out with an older guy unless it was for the security which money provides? In all likelihood he will not marry her as he already has kids and even grand kids. In all likelihood he will take her on fancy trips, show her off to all his guy friends, and then wonder why she is angry with him for not marrying her? I find the older/younger thing troublesome. I fell in love with a man who was 10 years younger than me but looked about 20 years younger than me. He was incredibly sweet and tender and the most beautiful man I have ever seen or felt. I plan to take those memories into my old age and bring them out when I am in a rocking chair and whiling away a hot afternoon in Maine. He didn’t make me feel younger, however, or more powerful. he made me feel loved in a very special way. I don’t think this is how my men friends feel who are on a hunt for a much younger woman.I think having a young woman around makes them feel more powerful than before and as if they have won something. Women don’t feel like this with younger men. We feel almost magically lucky as we are being treated so differently than in other relationships we have had with men our own age. I am trying to find the similarity here. Do women and men of a certain age react in the same way to beauty in the opposite sex? I would say “yes”. Do women feel the need to possess that person? I would say “no”. I know in my case I feel into love with this man and then after a time it was over for us. We are still close friends and love each other but I feel it was more I than he who was troubled by the age difference. Many people said we didn’t look dramatically different in age. This may or may not be true. For me it was the feeling I had of not being safe with him. I like the comfort of being with someone who is my equal in age as well as experience. I believe in the path of life and enjoy being an attractive older woman. I like it that men on the sidewalk still whistle when I walk by. I say to myself, “That’s pretty nice!” and keep on walking. I wonder how long this will keep up? I don’t spend too much time wondering, however, as I have many more interesting things to think about these days.

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    You ARE the younger woman.

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