Tomorrow Will Be A Day of Change!

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December 5th: Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Sagittarius, and it is time to be open and optimistic. There is a New Moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius 28 minutes at 12:36 pm EST today. This is quite a turning point day. Uranus goes direct today at 26 degrees of Pisces, and is on its way to finish what it started over the last few years. We need to get over ourselves, and move forward freer. Mercury joins Pluto today bringing our minds into intense focus on whatever issues are at hand. Mercury is slowing to go retrograde on the 10th of December through the 30th; so, Mercury stays close to Pluto for the next 6 weeks. You need a project, or a goal to immerse yourself in. This planetary energy needs to be directed into something that will bring permanent change for the better. This is all happening on this New Moon. What a month this is going to be. No one is getting by with anything. Keep your eye on the goal.


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