Throat Chakra

I am taking a class in the Chakras from my healing Touch people and this week is the throat chakra class. It has been an interesting week as the throat logically connects with the words we use or don’t use in our lives. I have a lot to learn in this department as I find I often say what I think I mean but in retrospect, I haven’t said the right thing. The throat is the center of our own meaning in life and what we believe in. Chanting and sounding vowel sounds seems to help with this class but all in all I find I am having to learn again what I really feel which is a good thing.

One thing we were made aware of is the level of vibration around us in terms of how we think and act in the world. Someone like Gandhi would have had a very high vibration  and someone who is abusive or mean, a lower one. Countries can have vibrations as well and our country used to have a high rating but now it seems we are falling on the vibrational scale which isn’t surprising. You can feel the vibrational level of another person by noticing how you feel when you are around them. If you feel very positive and happy the chances are your companion is a good one for you and is bringing up your level. Often we find ourselves around people or groups where we feel bad or inadequate or simply bored. In this case it is interesting to note the feeling and think of whom we feel good around and why. This will either limit your circle of friends or expand it.

Happy Memorial Day!

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