The economy: Where’s the bottom?

When I was a kid and I was in trouble, I used to think to myself  ” What’s the worst thing that could happen? “I would then come up with the worst punishment I could imagine. I would lie on my bed in my room where I had been confined and imagine what further punishment I might receive for the wrong I had committed. This would usually take me a few minutes. I would imagine the punishments and how they would feel. I would imagine the pain received. I would then feel in control of the future. It seemed simple to me to imagine pain received and then, pain being over. In today’s world I can’t imagine the pain or the punishment as the economic future seems completely out of control. Each day brings a new report of another company hitting  bottom and closing, more people being out of work, more homes being lost and more economic chaos. It seems we have no idea of when this slide will stop nor where we will be when it does. Sometimes I try to think of ways to save or invest in something that will be a needed commodity in future times and I come up empty. All around me I see friends who have to give up their homes, tuition for their children in college,  hopes for their future retirement, and I wonder where it will end. Tonight on the news there was a report of a tent city in Sacramento where 50 people a day arrive to pitch tents and subsist on handouts and good cheer of others who are out of work and homeless. Still I do not see a solution being offered by our government. The problem is too great for any one person to solve. I wonder what will happen and what will be valued? “Invest in treasury bills!” says one smart friend, but what will happen to treasuries if our government goes broke? What value will cash hold if there is no backing to the dollar? I hate to be negative but I can’t feel any other way. I think I am not alone in this and I am worried for all of us feeling this way. I want to feel connected to my family and my friends and I want to believe in a circle of support but I am having a hard time doing it. I don’t feel depressed, I feel empty and powerless which seems to be a common feeling. Even Warren Buffet feels this way. I wonder where Warren keeps his cash?I keep thinking  if we all stick together we can get through this but I am growing tired of thinking this way as it doesn’t seem practical. I understand those that retreat to the wilderness and grow their own food. The thing I don’t understand is the desire to buy guns and larger guns and to stockpile ammo. We have had enough of wars to know they never solve anything and just create more rules. Yes, it is true that a war usually solves a recession but to what end? The current economy will produce more crime and more hatred if we don’t find a way to see our own commonality. I am trying to do that every day and I will keep on trying. I hope we all try as if we don’t we will become even more disenfranchised. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” God only knows.

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