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  • Sante Fe

    Sante Fe

    I am in Santa Fe visiting a 90-year-old friend. I feel like it’s important to come and visit her every year because you never know when you’re going to lose her. Of course, that’s true about life in general. You never know when you’re going to lose anything. They say being resilient is a very […]

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  • In the Desert You Can’t…

    In the Desert You Can’t...

      In the December desert near the crepuscular  hour many people experience subtle, ocular change. Sometimes these changes are permanent. Saguaros (Te  quiero) can begin to move and appear to challenge with their arms the delicate prickly pear while the Feather cactus plays, “catch a falling Star“. It is, however, the Christmas cactus that interests me:  blooming blood red pink like a baby‘s lips exactly at the time they say we had a virgin birth. […]

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  • Pretending to be French

    Pretending to be French

    Pretending to be French is fun! Probably more fun that being American though that can be fun as well.  There was a slice of almond bark in the ice tea I’m drinking and I highly recommend this addition as it is very flavorful. Pretending should be a part of everyone’s day as it makes one […]

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