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  • Why I Changed My Mind…

    Why I Changed My Mind...

    “Why I changed my mind about Meghan and Harry” I’ve been looking forward to the Netflix documentary about Meaghan and Harry just like a lot of folks who are British royal family fans. It’s a harmless and pleasant pursuit during this never-ending time of “staying home with Covid” and we are all desperate for things […]

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  • Melania

    Melania Melania reminds me of mean Barbie: You know the one I mean… You never play with mean Barbie as you can’t talk her like the others. You have no idea what her voice would sound like so you leave her respectfully in the box. Lord only knows where she’s from but someplace tough.You don’t […]

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      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Balenciaga! I write about the romantic in life because that is what uplifts me. If that is what uplifts you as well then take a trip to the de Young Museum and see the Balenciaga exhibit.  It will be well worth your while as there are many visions to dream on.  I think I […]

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  • Hurricane on the east coast

    Hurricane Isabel     A hurricane is coming. People behave as if they were members of an ant colony Industriously hauling water, batteries, duct tape, condoms, and Cheerios. Unlike the ants, they are not cooperative; The rise of the wind is commensurate with the level of greed. All the fresh water is gone already and […]

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