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  • Words in Gardens

    Words in Gardens

    Garden words Stop Listen Close your eyes Feel Kiss Smell Brilliant Bring back anything good Ferns Words begin with w Mouth lips Risk it Say it Do it Be the tree’s root Fragile Temporary Contemplation Fidelity Loss Absurd There’s a garden in Scotland called “Little Sparta” and it inspired me to to be more creative […]

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  • Water


      No Safe Place 2 Water         Water, wet, moist ,damp, soggy, only a lost commodity . When I first tasted your skin it was covered in water. Remember water? It was hard to describe but it was free. Lakes are craters now. A child asks “Who pulled the drain plug?” as you drive by […]

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  • Full Moon: A Moment

    Full Moon: A Moment It’s a full moon: Let the antics begin. The spider is dangling from one arm like a performing monkey, Mist is sweating the Frangipani tree, A man kissed a woman and then slapped her, The slow, sweet cat rubs against an ear, The moon spots the Moorish roof And the ear […]

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