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  • Memories of Grandfather

    My Grandfather’s house in New York City was on east sixty Fourth Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison ,very close to Central Park as well as the finest shopping area of Manhattan. It was an important house for an important man who had an important family and an important life. The house was brick and […]

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  • Carol Gilligan Study Turned Philosophy

    There’s a woman named Carol Gilligan who wrote about the differences between girls and boys in terms of how they were praised in childhood. She wrote about other, more complicated, things as well but I always remember this study. She described how girls were praised for “getting along well” with their friends, while boys were […]

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  • Hurricane on the east coast

    Hurricane Isabel     A hurricane is coming. People behave as if they were members of an ant colony Industriously hauling water, batteries, duct tape, condoms, and Cheerios. Unlike the ants, they are not cooperative; The rise of the wind is commensurate with the level of greed. All the fresh water is gone already and […]

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