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  • In the Desert You Can’t…

    In the Desert You Can’t...

      In the December desert near the crepuscular  hour many people experience subtle, ocular change. Sometimes these changes are permanent. Saguaros (Te  quiero) can begin to move and appear to challenge with their arms the delicate prickly pear while the Feather cactus plays, “catch a falling Star“. It is, however, the Christmas cactus that interests me:  blooming blood red pink like a baby‘s lips exactly at the time they say we had a virgin birth. […]

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  • Holiday Thoughts

    This time of year is always interesting as on occasion, despite attempts at maturity and evolvement, one may revert to a child’s perspective and remember all of the excitement and expectation surrounding Christmas. In our house acquiring the tree was always an interesting adventure. Our mother would ask who wanted to go on this adventure […]

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  • “The Razor’s Edge”

    Why The Razor’s Edge is still so appealing…. Recently a good friend of mine recommended that I read The Razor’s Edge and so I picked it up on my way to Lenox, Massachusetts.  Once I began to read the book, I was hooked as I found it to be a great story about the meaning […]

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