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  • Aquatic Entertainer

    Aquatic Entertainer

    My Life as an Aquatic Entertainer.     In another life I was an aquatic entertainer because I needed to practice my breathing. I suffered from anxiety and worried nightly about remembering to breathe. I could barely sleep.Sometimes this fear kept me up for hours. Aquatic entertainers are required to hold their breath for a…

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  • vimeo.com/661529709 Happy New Year!!! I’m getting dressed for a tiny party!

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  • How to succeed on Match.com

    How to succeed on Match.com

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  • Good thing happening in the…

    Good thing happening in the...

    Good things happening in the hood

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  • Person of Interest

    Person of Interest

    “I bought a trailer because I joined a gang. My feet itched and my rain was shutting down so I became a nomad something I’ve always wanted to be. Some language has a word for it: people who don’t feel like they belong anywhere. That’s me. I’m pretty old so I was worried about camping…

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  • GARDEN by Juan age 11

    Juan’s Garden Green garden Ant farm Red hose Dark wood tree Interesting nature New life growing

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  • Parking lot debris

    I have a friend who manages a parking lot outside a large office building. The other day she told me that there were no longer many condoms found in the lot but there were many dental picks. I’m not sure if this is good or bad and I guess it depends on your point of…

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  • Welcome to the Hotel Possibility!

    A New Way to be Sure About Your New Relationship Tired of aimless dating that leads nowhere? Looking for a life partner and not willing to waste anymore time? Willing to spend a week with your potential new mate and pay for it? Well then, welcome to Hotel Possibility: the place where you can learn…

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  • Carol Gilligan Study Turned Philosophy

    There’s a woman named Carol Gilligan who wrote about the differences between girls and boys in terms of how they were praised in childhood. She wrote about other, more complicated, things as well but I always remember this study. She described how girls were praised for “getting along well” with their friends, while boys were…

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