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  • Listening Two

    I would highly recommend learning the art of invisibility at a young age. Today’s world is crowded. It’s useful to sit still,  breathing but not moving your ribs. At this time levitation may be possible  which is helpful. Taking notes is useful. it’s in the details one learns the ropes and listening to neighbors in […]

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  • Reading Vol de Nuit

    vimeo.com/436968130 Reading “Vol de Nuit”

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  • Vol de Nuit

    Vol de Nuit

                  Vol de Nuit “This is your captain speaking” I hear as I look around my seat and curiously push the dimly lit buttons with the diagrams on them of what I may want to do for the next 10 hours.  I love the deep voice of the captain especially when he’s British: so reassuring […]

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  • Wasp Homelife

    Wasp Homelife

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we bury the upper crust. “

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  • Lust

    I feel lust when It should be dust I feel lust when I should feel like dust, too much testosterone according to my Geriatrician. I can’t help myself. Fireman make my mouth water.  I put on rubber gloves, a mask, a lab coat, and go to Brice’s house for a drink last Friday (we’ve been […]

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  • The last human left on…

    The last human left on...

    Survival instructions when you are the last human left First thing:crumble twigs on bare floor before waking and walking.Freeze some flowers the night before thenturn a rose inside out and label the petalsin order to remember what they said.Historian.If you find a coyote in your house askwhat she needs from outside and tell thehairless goat […]

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  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

    Musical chairs I feel like we’re playing musical chairs in the world.I am not good at that game. Where can we go? What can we do? Where is it safe? When I was a kid people used to scream at me because I would never leave my chair. If I did it was to slither […]

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  • Happy Birthday Edna St Vincent…

    When you, that at this moment are to meby Edna St. Vincent Millay When you, that at this moment are to meDearer than words on paper, shall depart,And be no more the warder of my heart,Whereof again myself shall hold the key;And be no more—what now you seem to be—The sun, from which all excellences […]

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  • Poetry helps lonely kids