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  • My New Years Message

    My New Years Message

  • In Love

    In Love So what would do you think if I told you that I had a crush on an artist for 50 years or more? Well, it’s true. Kind of. There’s something about the shape of him that makes me unable to look into his eyes for any extended period of time. Luckily, I only […]

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  • Listen to my latest radio…

    www.snakelyone.com/radio/be-more-now/audio20/bmorenow-lucinda-watson-dec3-2020.mp3 My latest radio interview on “Be More Now”

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  • A great review for The…

    A great review for The...


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  • My Mother’s Hair

    My Mother’s Hair

    My Mother’s Hair My mother’s hair always escaped from under her red kerchief or the hairspray lacquered on  for control and the hair often went dancing in a night club in Manhattan even when she was in labor with one of us. You can’t control wildness. My mother lay, legs askew, baby coming, never having […]

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  • The Neighbor

    The Neighbor Each morning the dogs walk her down Chestnut Street. Past Taylor’s house, empty lot, red mower for sale($95.00) , Mrs. Alonzo’s dead flower bed, and she’s got makeup on and clothes that are good because it’s time to wear the good clothes. There’s Bob with the two white poodles prancing and Bob prancing […]

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