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  • Lust

    I feel lust when It should be dust I feel lust when I should feel like dust, too much testosterone according to my Geriatrician. I can’t help myself. Fireman make my mouth water.  I put on rubber gloves, a mask, a lab coat, and go to Brice’s house for a drink last Friday (we’ve been…

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  • More on Match.com!

    More on Match.com All right all of you who responded so quickly to my blog on Match! I couldn’t believe how many of you were so interested or so in agreement with me. The interesting thing was most of my responders were women, but, then again, I don’t know why that surprises me.  I read…

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  • Match.com

    Finding a Match on Match.com Yes, it may seem strange to married people that many are seeking love on Match.com, but it is very true in todays’ world of high tech compatibility. There are many young people on Match which is natural, but there are many older people as well. There are people from “good…

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