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  • This moment

    The most important thing to do for me is to keep reminding myself that every breath I take is an exercise in staying alive. Don’t look to the future even if it’s just tomorrow. Don’t look at the past and all the shadows. Just keep breathing. If I need something to calm me down I […]

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  • GARDEN by Juan age 11

    Juan’s Garden Green garden Ant farm Red hose Dark wood tree Interesting nature New life growing

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  • OK I was wrong

    So I was wrong when I wrote that yesterday was Wednesday because today is Wednesday. Who cares? Some friends of mine and I went to visit a retirement community yesterday. It was a necessary day of travel. It was necessary because all three of us are going crazy. We keep looking for places to live […]

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  • It’s Wednesday

    It doesn’t really matter what day it is because nobody knows anyway. Maybe bankers know. I don’t know. I don’t really care. I have a weird feeling that things are not going to get better for a really long time. I’m used to my mask by now and in fact I find it quite handy. […]

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  • So far . . .

    So far today I’ve eaten enough for three large dogs.I think it’s because my armor thyroid medication is out of stock. It’s only 2:03 PM. That means I have another eight hours to go until I can go to sleep. I love going to sleep. I love the smell of my sheets and the coldness […]

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  • I am the last woman…

    I am the last woman...

    I am the last woman on earth. I live alone in my house and every day I follow the schedule that I have arranged for myself. That’s my game. It’s the best way to get through this. Yoga, coffee, meditation, breakfast, look out the window, do the laundry, make the bed, take a shower, take […]

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  • In Reality Travel Doesn’t Measure…

                            In Reality Travel Doesn’t Measure Up For the longest time I thought I might become someone else. I also thought I might live somewhere else. I could be Norwegian and learn the language well  so people would say how no one could tell I wasn’t a native. I like the sounds of their desserts. […]

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  • Living the 70’s Dream

    My sister knew everyone in New York. Every couple of weeks she would have a dinner and she would always invite me. I never thought about it at the time but now, looking back, I realize what a generous thing that was. When I was invited to one of her dinners I felt slightly sick, […]

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  • My New Years Message

    My New Years Message

  • I Fall in Love Too…

    I fall in love easily if the man is famous, or good looking, or rich. Not only do I fall in love but I think the man is better than me and I feel unworthy, rough elbowed and potato lumpy, so I want them more. (They will never love me wanting so much). I create […]

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