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  • The Best Memory

    The Best Memory

                                       The Best Memory     The best Fall I remember happened outside of Paris due north near Chambord in November maybe October’s when the Beaujolais Nouveau was released along with me…I walked out the door of the inn we stayed in while you drank with our host. I wandered following troughs of wet leaves […]

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  • Last night

    Last night

  • In Reality

    For the longest time I thought I might become someone else. I could be Norwegian and learn the language well so people would say how no one could tell I wasn’t a native. My hair would miraculously turn blond. It would be ok to like sex. I like the sounds of their desserts. Or I […]

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  • Person of Interest

    Person of Interest

    “I bought a trailer because I joined a gang. My feet itched and my rain was shutting down so I became a nomad something I’ve always wanted to be. Some language has a word for it: people who don’t feel like they belong anywhere. That’s me. I’m pretty old so I was worried about camping […]

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  • Last Woman on Earth

    Last Woman on Earth

    I am the last woman on earth. I live alone in my house and every day I do the Schedule: yoga, coffee, meditation, breakfast, look out the window, laundry, make the bed, take a shower, take a walk, lie on the floor, wait for the dogs to jump on me, eat stuff from the fridge, […]

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  • Sprezzatura


  • Two days before the Inauguration

    Everything is still. I never understand why there isn’t a drumroll when the sun comes up particularly these days. I got rid of my gun. Well, that’s not completely true. I got rid of my ammo which seems the same. I think I’ll just sit and wait for the revolution. On my front porch legs […]

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  • Minnow


    Today I was watching an insignificant film in which a young girl traveling in Italy with her Dad was swimming in a hotel pool doing laps inside of the 20 foot bowl back and forth and I started to cry. Only in Italy do they have hotel pools carved out of marble lipped with travertine, […]

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  • What I am reading

    What I am reading