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  • Travels with Trulia

    Travels with Trulia

    Trulia is my travel agent of emotional escapes and several times a week I am a voyeur into other people’s lives. There are several settings to consider before I go on my trip: price, location, amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, acreage, and one that I always take seriously which is fireplaces. Once I have made […]

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  • Poetry helps lonely kids

  • The Neighbor

    The Neighbor Each morning the dogs walk her down Chestnut Street. Past Taylor’s house, empty lot, red mower for sale($95.00) , Mrs. Alonzo’s dead flower bed, and she’s got makeup on and clothes that are good because it’s time to wear the good clothes. There’s Bob with the two white poodles prancing and Bob prancing […]

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  • Frost..


    Halfway between a breath and a death I met you again. Out of line with the north star Facing east but travelling south unmoored, undone each sky still dusk and dawn only a desire not a song. I was waiting.

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