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  • In Reality Travel Doesn’t Measure…

                            In Reality Travel Doesn’t Measure Up For the longest time I thought I might become someone else. I also thought I might live somewhere else. I could be Norwegian and learn the language well  so people would say how no one could tell I wasn’t a native. I like the sounds of their desserts. […]

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  • Living the 70’s Dream

    My sister knew everyone in New York. Every couple of weeks she would have a dinner and she would always invite me. I never thought about it at the time but now, looking back, I realize what a generous thing that was. When I was invited to one of her dinners I felt slightly sick, […]

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  • My New Years Message

    My New Years Message

  • I Fall in Love Too…

    I fall in love easily if the man is famous, or good looking, or rich. Not only do I fall in love but I think the man is better than me and I feel unworthy, rough elbowed and potato lumpy, so I want them more. (They will never love me wanting so much). I create […]

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  • The Length of Winter

    I forgot how long winter is. It doesn’t extend from November to March as it should but it’s disobedient and sometimes hides inside a heart and a chamber to the left or to the right and there you are with only a part of your heart functioning because of winter or it’s a fact. You […]

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  • In Love

    In Love So what would do you think if I told you that I had a crush on an artist for 50 years or more? Well, it’s true. Kind of. There’s something about the shape of him that makes me unable to look into his eyes for any extended period of time. Luckily, I only […]

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  • 5 of the Best Memoirs…

    5 of the Best Memoirs in Verse By Women | Book Riot — Read on www.google.com/amp/s/bookriot.com/memoirs-in-verse-by-women/amp/

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  • https://tinyurl.com/y2lzf82m

    Listen to “Radio Friends” with Paul Pepper

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  • https://bookriot.com/memoirs-in-verse-by-women/

    Very excited about the above!

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  • The fish never stop hoping

    The fish never stop hoping

    The fish never stop hoping they’ll be put back in the niantic river yet the current drive them down to the ocean and the seagulls grab them and throw them down on the beach disemboweled and still quivering. For centuries now this has happened. For centuries now we keep fighting our own destiny which is […]

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