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  • https://tinyurl.com/y2lzf82m

    Listen to “Radio Friends” with Paul Pepper

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  • https://bookriot.com/memoirs-in-verse-by-women/

    Very excited about the above!

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  • The fish never stop hoping

    The fish never stop hoping

    The fish never stop hoping they’ll be put back in the niantic river yet the current drive them down to the ocean and the seagulls grab them and throw them down on the beach disemboweled and still quivering. For centuries now this has happened. For centuries now we keep fighting our own destiny which is […]

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  • Listen to my latest radio…

    www.snakelyone.com/radio/be-more-now/audio20/bmorenow-lucinda-watson-dec3-2020.mp3 My latest radio interview on “Be More Now”

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  • Say Something

    This time of Covid is a terrible time for everyone. It’s hard on families, it’s hard on children, it’s hard on the police and the fire department, it’s also hard on all the medical personnel that work so hard to keep everyone healthy and alive.I have compassion for everyone working in law enforcement but I […]

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  • Covert Covid

    Covert Covid

      Covert Covid I spent so much time as a child hiding and waiting that I am really good at doing this thing that we have to do right now. So we hide and we wait but we’re not really sure how long we have to do this. So I know that’s why I am […]

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  • Please log in to my…

    No purchase necessary just register! Can’t be bad to give a bookstore your email address! https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9Q8rVutTSgaRdQThZbgV4w

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  • A great review for The…

    A great review for The...


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  • The Best Memory

    The Best Memory

    The best Fall I remember happened outside of Paris due north near Chambord in November maybe October when the Beaujolais Nouveau was released along with me…I walked out the door of the inn we stayed in while you drank with our host. I wandered following troughs of wet leaves marking the crusades and the dark […]

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  • What I mean

    What I mean

    Autonomy like monotony but without the pendulum marking time. This time Is monotonous but for the autonomous It’s fine For a time. What I’m Really Saying about life in California I’m beginning to see I need no one after a time. I’m preparing for the lifeboat, the buoy, the evacuation of the planet, no packing, […]

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