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  • Why I Changed My Mind…

    Why I Changed My Mind...

    “Why I changed my mind about Meghan and Harry” I’ve been looking forward to the Netflix documentary about Meaghan and Harry just like a lot of folks who are British royal family fans. It’s a harmless and pleasant pursuit during this never-ending time of “staying home with Covid” and we are all desperate for things […]

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  • My new book

    My new book

    Available now on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Lucinda-Watson/dp/1936135981 Support your favorite poet and buy my book from Amazon or your favorite bookstore!

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  • Memories of Grandfather

    My Grandfather’s house in New York City was on east sixty Fourth Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison ,very close to Central Park as well as the finest shopping area of Manhattan. It was an important house for an important man who had an important family and an important life. The house was brick and […]

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  • Photo’s of Watson Homestead

    Photo’s of Watson Homestead

    family history in East Campbell, New York

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  • Homestead Happenings…

    I spent the morning at the Homestead with Dawn and Neil and was given a tour of the place. I saw the one room schoolhouse where my Grandfather went to school located on the property. I imagined him walking there each day probably under the supervision of one of his older sisters holding leather strapped […]

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  • still packing for Painted Post

    I am always surprised at how late the sun is these days. For some reason I am having a hard time sleeping and I toss and turn until about 3:30 AM at which point I go to sleep. When Rosie wakes me at 6:30 it seems way too soon to be getting out of bed […]

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  • Packing for Painted Post. IBM…

    I wonder what to bring on my  great adventure so I think about what I have packed in the past when I wanted to find an answer. I never travel with a lot of stuff as when we were little we went  all over the world and we always kept track of our own stuff. […]

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