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  • The last human left on…

    The last human left on...

    Survival instructions when you are the last human left First thing:crumble twigs on bare floor before waking and walking.Freeze some flowers the night before thenturn a rose inside out and label the petalsin order to remember what they said.Historian.If you find a coyote in your house askwhat she needs from outside and tell thehairless goat […]

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  • Is it too late to…

    Is it too late to...

    Is it too late to be Nancy Drew now that it’s hard for me to get up in the morning and one knee hurts so badly but it does stop about seven minutes later? Is it too late to be Nancy Drew now that I forget things and my hair has turned gray and sometimes […]

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  • www.nytimes.com/2020/03/02/science/animals-voting-elections.html

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  • Parking lot debris

    I have a friend who manages a parking lot outside a large office building. The other day she told me that there were no longer many condoms found in the lot but there were many dental picks. I’m not sure if this is good or bad and I guess it depends on your point of […]

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  • Ode to the Saccherine Now…

    Ode to the Saccharine Now the Holidays Are Here Oh the sweet, sweet saccharine: The slyly slippery sneaky feel of the sweet Tangerine or the loyally predictable caramel, Yes, the clapboard house in snow, Yes, the sound of wedding bells, The coy golden retriever or the fallacious feline, Crispy white sheets and buttered toast, sublime, […]

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  • Carol Gilligan Study Turned Philosophy

    There’s a woman named Carol Gilligan who wrote about the differences between girls and boys in terms of how they were praised in childhood. She wrote about other, more complicated, things as well but I always remember this study. She described how girls were praised for “getting along well” with their friends, while boys were […]

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