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  • Listening Two

    I would highly recommend learning the art of invisibility at a young age. Today’s world is crowded. It’s useful to sit still,  breathing but not moving your ribs. At this time levitation may be possible  which is helpful. Taking notes is useful. it’s in the details one learns the ropes and listening to neighbors in…

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  • Sante Fe

    Sante Fe

    I am in Santa Fe visiting a 90-year-old friend. I feel like it’s important to come and visit her every year because you never know when you’re going to lose her. Of course, that’s true about life in general. You never know when you’re going to lose anything. They say being resilient is a very…

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  • Welcome to the Hotel Possibility!

    A New Way to be Sure About Your New Relationship Tired of aimless dating that leads nowhere? Looking for a life partner and not willing to waste anymore time? Willing to spend a week with your potential new mate and pay for it? Well then, welcome to Hotel Possibility: the place where you can learn…

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