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  • My new book

    My new book

    Available now on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Lucinda-Watson/dp/1936135981 Support your favorite poet and buy my book from Amazon or your favorite bookstore!

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  • Someone Asked me

    Someone Asked me

    Someone Asked me How I Start a Poem Someone asked me how I start a poem And I said it had to do with scent, I remember, summer 1957, being underwater and chlorine and the vivid look of other swimming beings. Play “Tea Party” “Why?” I never understood “Tea Party” or the scent of afternoon […]

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  • Vol de Nuit

    Vol de Nuit

                  Vol de Nuit “This is your captain speaking” I hear as I look around my seat and curiously push the dimly lit buttons with the diagrams on them of what I may want to do for the next 10 hours.  I love the deep voice of the captain especially when he’s British: so reassuring […]

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  • Wasp Homelife

    Wasp Homelife

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we bury the upper crust. “

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  • Save Our Global Community: Stay…

    The Virus Remember the children’s game “gotcha last”? In our family we played it for hours. It actually drove our mother crazy but we couldn’t help ourselves. The game would stop for hours and then there would be a little subtle finger touch during the dinner hour that one of us would feel all too […]

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  • Memories of Grandfather

    My Grandfather’s house in New York City was on east sixty Fourth Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison ,very close to Central Park as well as the finest shopping area of Manhattan. It was an important house for an important man who had an important family and an important life. The house was brick and […]

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  • Happy Mother’s Day, Olive!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Olive Olive C. Watson was born in Montclair, New Jersey, to a family with not many resources.  It was clear from an early age to Olive that all she had to parlay herself into a better life were her looks and her mother reminded her of this on a daily basis. She […]

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  • The Secret Lives of Single…

                                                      The Secret Lives of Single People We can’t imagine how we would feel if others saw us alone at home. They might catch us lying on the couch in the middle of the day reading a junky magazine or eating popcorn for lunch. We might be seen staying home all day without speaking face […]

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