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  • The Introvert

                                                   Introvert I can’t tell people I like how it is now: “Da Viwus” as Rosemary calls it, the restlessness gone.  No days of yoga,  no decisions, few people, puppy watching the main activity. I only want to see children swim in the pool making light of alligators and yellow cheese slices made of plastic […]

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  • Reading of Lust

    Reading of Lust

  • Wasp Homelife

    Wasp Homelife

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we bury the upper crust. “

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  • Lust

    I feel lust when It should be dust I feel lust when I should feel like dust, too much testosterone according to my Geriatrician. I can’t help myself. Fireman make my mouth water.  I put on rubber gloves, a mask, a lab coat, and go to Brice’s house for a drink last Friday (we’ve been […]

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  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    In honor of Memorial Day I choose the Good Humor: a treat on a wooden stick, vanilla ice cream covered in thin dark chocolate, covered in white shiny paper that was hermetically sealed over it. Teeth were the utensil most often used to open it up! The good humor arrived in the truck driven by […]

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  • The last human left on…

    The last human left on...

    Survival instructions when you are the last human left First thing:crumble twigs on bare floor before waking and walking.Freeze some flowers the night before thenturn a rose inside out and label the petalsin order to remember what they said.Historian.If you find a coyote in your house askwhat she needs from outside and tell thehairless goat […]

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  • Is it too late to…

    Is it too late to...

    Is it too late to be Nancy Drew now that it’s hard for me to get up in the morning and one knee hurts so badly but it does stop about seven minutes later? Is it too late to be Nancy Drew now that I forget things and my hair has turned gray and sometimes […]

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  • A Sign

    A Sign

    A Sign My Daughter has been dead for nearly three years and I haven’t heard a word from her until yesterday, that is. You may think that sounds weird, but I was a big believer in communication with the dead.Before she died, I believed there were all sorts of ghosts, spirits and parents out there […]

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  • Retirement Community

    Retirement Community People come to my house because they think I will let them in. So I do. Sometimes they’re drunk or on drugs or they have no money or they can’t be alone. They are just looking for a nice place to stay for a while. Most of the time I wish they would […]

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