Sunday Thoughts on Accountability

On Sundays I want to stay in bed. sometimes I do. Sometimes I close my eyes and travel: I try not to travel in the past or future but that makes the trip limited. There is a state in between awake and asleep that feels very pleasant to me.This morning I found myself thinking about accountability because some people have no problem with this yet others are virtually never accountable for anything.Unfortunately in my family the latter is true and I have no idea why.

 I remember once when my children were little I had a friend over to play with them. This little girl was younger than they were and very entertaining for all of us. As I was working in the office I heard a cry from the playroom and ran into the room.There I saw an enormous spot of red paint on the carpet as the paint bottle had fallen over.

All three childish faces looked up at me with round eyes and I said,”Who did this?”

Now this comment was wrong for all sorts of reasons. Finding blame is the old-fashioned way to bring up kids and this may be why there is little accountability in the world today. Parents sometimes blame rather than teach the most important thing is to apologize and then look for a solution to the problem. In other words, clean up the paint!         

The reason I learned about how to teach accountability that day is that the visiting child responded to my ridiculous question by saying, “I don’t know how it happened but I am so sorry!”

I  think the rest of my family has a tougher path as accountability is the only way to be happy. If you screw up, are rude, do something you shouldn’t have, you apologize  and try to make it right with the other person. We all do things that we shouldn’t have and it’s so much easier to apologize than try to tough it out and find a rationale for bad behavior.   

I find arguing a total waste of time. I love to find people I agree with and work well with as life is so much more pleasant.  I doubt some of my relatives change their behavior in this lifetime. They have hung on to it for too long. Have you ever noticed how painful it is to actually see your own mistakes. Sometimes you just prefer to keep those blinders on.

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