running into magic just when you had given up

Yesterday I ran into someone who gave me hope. It happened in a very regular way. I was shopping at a computer store in town and happened to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Before we knew it we were engrossed in a metaphysical discussion of life and how to handle it. The eyes of this man were so tired and sad yet he was filled with hope at the suggestion there was a divine order to everything. I believe this to be true. As we progressed in our discussion I became very fond of this man and wanted to make him smile. I admired his openness and his longing to find a true direction at this point in life. He was simply the kindest man I have met in a very long time. This gave me hope. I have been asking the universe for an answer to my life.Where I should live more of the time? Where I should establish my business? Where should I be when I think about the past and the future and chose wisely. I don’t long to be in the past as some do. My past was always interesting but often painful. I long to be in the moment and that is how I felt yesterday so I am very grateful to this man. I would like to have dinner with him and find out more about his ideas on life. I would like to know where he has been all these years to have developed eyes like his. I would like to know if he likes dogs and if he sleeps soundly and if he eats breakfast or is grumpy in the morning. This is what I do in life. I heal people. Only in doing this work will I heal myself. It happens each time I see a client. Don’t ever think there is not a pattern to life. There is a psychic tie between all of us and if we want to we can use it. The important thing is to believe. I believe in magic and look what happened to me yesterday~

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  1. thefirstchild:P Avatar

    very truthful stuff, especially about how when we heal others we heal ourselves..lovely:)

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