Road Runner and Love

Bird Flattery

So I was in Arizona over the weekend with the love of my life and an amazing thing happened. We were playing golf on a nice course and had reached the fourth hole only to find the foursome ahead of us was delayed by another group ahead of them and so we were sitting there in our cart waiting. I was humming. Ted was thinking. We were holding hands. Suddenly I felt someone looking at me. Maybe most people don’t notice this but I always do. It’s a weird kind of feeling almost as if someone is tapping you gently on the shoulder. You don’t recognize what it is, at first. I turned slowly expecting to find someone had walked up to our tee. Seeing no one, I figured I had been wrong. Then I felt it again. I looked around but this time looked down. There I saw him: the most charming Roadrunner I have ever met. A bird that appeared to have no discomfort at being this close to a human. I spoke to him and he cocked his head and waved his head feathers at me like a small and delicate fan. I kept talking to him in a singsong voice and he responded by walking up and down in front of me and stopping every five seconds or so to unveil his coxcomb while tilting his head. Ted and I were speaking in normal tones while this was going on. Neither of us could believe what we were seeing as these birds never stop and are rarely known as being friendly to humans. I don’t remember how this little love scene ended but I was entranced. I felt as if I had been chosen by a spirit and anointed the favorite one.

My friend was so funny about my bird love: he said he expected to find my roadrunner in our bed when we got back to the hotel. I think he’s jealous! My point here is just when you think there is no way you will find the love of your life, he appears. Not the road runner, though he was also wonderful. I am talking about your perfect companion, your life time lover, your “watch your back” person that you long for. Never give up! You never know when the road runner will come around….Mine did a few months ago and I feel as if I am living another life! I guess I am very lucky that my dream came true and I think it was because I never gave up on romance.

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  1. Karl G. Smith II Avatar

    Very good message! I don’t know what it all means, but a least some people are blessed! “For those who live out their days in the ease of grace, life is neither burden nor toil.” Alexander Pope, I believe.

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