Quentin Tarentino

Quentin Tarentino is considered to be a genius by many film lovers in today’s world. I am writing this blog to ask why this is? I have made this my research project for a few days. I asked people I respect both old and young why they like his films and whether or not they liked the violence in them. Most people liked his films very much and did not object to the violence. Men and women felt this way. One friend said he found the violence “appropriate” and not “gratuitous” I now wonder why so many people find it appropriate to have violent films be considered entertainment? After I saw the newest Tarentino film I had to go home and watch  “Bewitched” through three episodes. Luckily there is a channel that repeats them for a while. I had visions in my head of people being scalped, guns exploding and blowing apart someones head, and lives ending all over the place. Where does this love of violence come from, I continue to ask. One friend said he liked it because it was the bad guys getting their due. This was a whole new thought process for me. Revenge was at issue here, I thought. Bloody and instant revenge which produces a sense of joy in the beholder. Again I thought how frightening this was in a culture. It is much like our children being exposed to needless violence on television but more important, on the nightly news channels. Do they grow up wanting more violence to be entertained? I know I am alone in thinking this way and many consider me to be old fashioned but I find this love of Tarentino something to be frightened of. I don’t like violence and I don’t like blood and I hate to be scared. There is only one place I like to be scared and that is the roller coaster. I couldn’t wait to be tall enough to go on the Cyclone at Playland in Rye, New York. The slow and jerky crawl to the top of the first big hill was the high point of my childhood and the sudden drop down the hill with a scream in my throat is something I will never forget. I still love remembering that moment today and though I wonder if I would like to repeat it again it is very satisfying to me.

I think terrorism is scary. I think letting terrorists go free is scary and I think governments who do that are incredibly stupid. What frightens me about the recent incident in Scotland is that Scotland has gone from being a romantic and fanciful place  filled with visions of queens and lake monsters to being a country that was now suspicious. I can no longer think of Scotland as a benign place but have to see it as a country with unstable leadership making illogical decisions. What kind of a deal could they have made in order to release this terrorist?

So there you have it on this Tuesday. Terrifying films and terrifying decisions by national leaders. Maybe if there was a universal channel and we all watched Disney cartoon, Lucille Ball reruns and Bewitched, things would end out better in the long run.

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