I hate being patient. It is annoying and generally makes my skin itch. I can’t sit still and I find myself longing to eat junk food or smoke when I am trying to be patient. I am usually trying to be patient about something: weather, traffic, doctor’s offices, airports, men, daytime, nightime, anytime, restaurants, men, finding Rosie in the house, finding Rosie in the garden, finding Rosie in the car, finding peace, finding happiness, men, finding water, finding a place to stop on the highway, waiting for the stock market to go up, waiting for the stock market to go down, waiting in general anywhere, waiting for it to be cooler, waiting for it to be warmer, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for it to rain, waiting for something to happen, waiting for the something that has happened to stop. Men.

I have a new attitude. I am really trying not to wait for anything or anyone so I have taken up knitting. I bought pure white yarn that is very fat and squishy and large wooden needles that make a soft clack as I knit. In actuality I am a terrible knitter. I never learned anything other than the in over out off ritual of childhood. This works very well. I pick up my knitting anytime I feel impatient. The scarf I am knitting is now so long I have to wrap it around my arms in order to work with it. This is very satisfying. I feel the weight of the scarf and sometimes wrap it around my neck and imagine I am in Alaska with Sara Palin discussing the merits of rimless glasses and borrowed designer clothes. I have never borrowed designer clothes so this is interesting to me. I ask Sara what she is really going to do with all her time now that she is no longer governor. I ask her how it felt to have all that attention and then have none. I ask her if she has trouble with patience. I ask her if she really does love her husband. I ask her if she believed in herself and her ability to run this country. I find this question the most interesting one. I am fascinated  with her apparent confidence and freedom with her life.

Back to knitting. I think most people would benefit from knitting. Instead of texting or fooling around on the computer people could knit. Knitting would definitely bring up the GDP as people could sell their wacky scarfs to people in Alaska. Sara said she would help. She’s a good natured girl despite those weird rimless glasses. So that’s what his blog is about: kntting. It helps pass the time when you feel life is going too fast and too slow at the same time. We are in a time like that now.

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