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All right all of you who responded so quickly to my blog on Match! I couldn’t believe how many of you were so interested or so in agreement with me. The interesting thing was most of my responders were women, but, then again, I don’t know why that surprises me.

 I read somewhere that men spend a whole lot more time online on Match once they are members than women do. I wonder what they are doing all that time.  I mean hours of time! Let’s face it, ladies; we do not trawl the profiles. I know that to be true. Most of us might look a little but basically many of us wait to be contacted by someone else. Hopefully an appropriate guy. So our online time is usually limited to responses to emails or perhaps a tentative rejoinder to someone we find attractive.

I had a bad thought during exercise class this morning. Maybe men who use Match for a while get addicted to the idea of so many available women out there who may be interested in them. Maybe even if they have someone interesting in their lives they are unable to resist the call of the internet and all those unexplored women. Maybe that happens to women as well. I know life seems rosier when there is more than one man interested in you.

So are we all living in a world where making a commitment to someone even for a trial period has become impossible? I wonder. There are so many people who are living alone and are terrified of abandonment and are desperate to find someone to be with. There are people who have no money and are desperate to find someone who does. There are people who are have no friends and would like to have a social life through someone else. There are happy people and sad people , lonely people and funny people. Basically all of what one finds in everyday life.

So some of you chickens out there asked how safe using Match was. Well, my answer is you have to rely a lot on your instinct , use Google to find out what you can, try to find someone in common you know, and never give out your real name and address until you are sure the guy is legit and you have faith in him. You can tell a lot from a voice, and from spending time on the phone listening to what he says, where he’s been in his life and what he believes in

So that’s all I have to say today about I think it’s a valid tool in today’s world. I am just back from a great trip to New Orleans where I met a couple in their 70’s who met on Match 4 years ago and are happily married. So, you see, it can happen. I guess the trick is to find someone who really wants a partner and is willing to fill out their dance card with only one name for a while to see if it becomes permanent.

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    And well said.

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