Mental Illness and Gun Control

I am wondering when our society will address the serious issues we have with mental illness and violence? The current media focus on the videos and writings of the young man who murdered college students in Santa Barbara seems like a shocking pastime to me as he was clearly ill. Why wasn’t his illness addressed more directly and why was he allowed to buy a gun? Gun control is clearly needed in our country to prevent more deaths. I have no idea how to regulate the purchase of arms but it is clear to me there should be regulation. There is something wrong in the thinking process of NRA members who believe everyone has the right to bear arms. No one has the right to take a life. If purchasing a gun were made more difficult there would be fewer murders. It’s as simple as that.

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One response to “Mental Illness and Gun Control”

  1. cindy lang Avatar

    Thank you. Apparently there are countries where there is gun control, and also where there is care for the mentally ill, not to mention those subject to domestic violence. Apparently we are electing the wrong people to Congress and the Senate.

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