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Iinside out

It is interesting to look inside of things after you have looked outside for a while.It is Sunday morning and I have read the paper and am ready to embark on the day. These days I am not as restless as I was a month ago. The rest of the world seems to have become more restless, however. I went to the mall yesterday and there were a million people: so many people you couldn’t park. The lots were full and the parking lot behavior was very bad. I was surprised to see how many people were shopping and wondered why this was happening. The unemployment rate is higher than ever yet people are out there racking up credit card debt believing they will be rescued once again by God Knows who. I think this will be our next area of weakness: the credit card debt of the unemployed in America. What an enormous mess that will create! The good news, though, is people seem more likely to smile at you and more apt to help if you need it. There is definitely a sense of better cheer out there. I hope my observations about this are accurate.

Getting along with others is very important even if it means you have to fake it. I fake it more often than I care to admit  but I would rather get along than have an impasse in my life. Sometimes the best thing you can say to yourself in the eyes of bad behavior is: “Don’t take it personally, it’s not my problem.” and walk away with a smile on your face. I am writing this now because I have noticed many times in the past year people seem to decide they can’t get along with someone else so they just drop them from their life as if they were meaningless. As if their memory or relationship is meaningless. As if their family history is meaningless. This is not a good thing as once you have stopped connecting with someone it is so easy to lose the thread which held you together in the first place. Then you lose a bit of love in your life. Everyoone needs all the love they can have so before you decide to disconnect, remember what it sounds like to pick up the phone and hear no dialtone.

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