I Can See the Ending

I keep trying to put my finger down on the earth and stop it from spinning. Stop it from going forward. I do this all the time even when nothing particularly wonderful is happening. I do it because I can see the ending and I know that sometimes I read the ending of a book before I read the book. Not sure that I want to know what my ending is but as my mother would say when your time is up your time is up. Sometimes in the morning I don’t get dressed until 10 or 11. I lie in my bed with my dog first. I read all the news and then I meditate so I can forget all the news and then I drink cup after cup of delicious coffee. Then I opened all the windows and breathe in the air. Yesterday someone cut down a tree that was taller than a five story apartment building. The air was filled with the fresh smell of wood, and there was a fine coating of sawdust over everything. I wanted to go out to the car and start writing on it, I love looking out and seeing the ocean and the soft blue green of the bay in the lights on Belvedere island at night and also hear the snoring of my little dog. I like each moment. I rarely wake up anymore in a bad mood. I think someone put a magic spell on me. I am a magical thinker I believe in communing with nature. I also believe that if I think about somebody and send them a message they will know.

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