Healing Touch: How it might help you…

A few years ago I was living in Connecticut where I had grown up and found myself vocation-less! I had returned to Connecticut from California  in order to be with my mother who was ill at the time. I had been working in the career center of the Haas School of Business at Berkeley for ten years teaching communication and though I enjoyed my work felt ready for a change. A move across the country was not an easy one at midlife but I believed it was the wisest choice at the time. I thought, at first, I would attend a graduate program in health advocacy at a nearby college but soon found the program to be lacking in material interesting to me. I worked at the local hospital for a few months as part of the graduate program and enjoyed this work very much. I really liked the interaction with the patients and their families as well as learning about specific medical issues.

In my own life whenever I have had a medical problem or someone I loved was ill, I have always enjoyed doing research on what the potential therapies were that might help. I have found that complimentary care has often been more useful to me than traditional medicine. I have had an ongoing back issue and without the help of my complimentary therapists who used  rolphing, Reiki , osteopathy and massage, I wouldn’t be able to function as well as I do. I found these angels through a long search using friends and others. One day back in Connecticut I was speaking with my sister about life and she suddenly announced she wanted to become a healer. She was closing her bookstore of 30 years standing and wanted a new career. She asked me to find the most reputable place to study.Well, before I knew it, I was fascinated by the idea of being a healer as well and embarked on a path to find the best place for our training.

I found Healing Touch by searching through databases showing practices used by nurses in hospitals as I wanted to find something that was recognized by nurses and doctors as well. My sister and I began our rather long and very rigorous training thinking we would just take the basic course and then go to work. Imagine my surprise when I realized , three years later, I had completed the certification process and was now a Certified Healing Touch Practitioer!

The journey was a long and interesting one and I am grateful for my clients and my mentors who helped me along the way. I was lucky to be invited to work at the Boyd Center in Greenwich, CT  and I set up practice in a room which was supplied to me by Dr Barry Boyd, and was eventually hired by the Greenwich Hospital Integrative Center as their Healing Touch Practitioner. I spent  three years working with many different types of clients: some were very sick and some were depressed and some were normal folks who wanted help with sleep issues or depression. I love my work and can’t imagine a better and more satisfying career at this point in my life.

Moving back to California has been wonderful in most ways but more difficult in others as it is hard to begin again and re-establish a practice in a community. I am diligently working on doing this and I know I will succeed.

Work is very important in life and it matters not only in terms of a livelihood but, more importantly, a vocation. The passion of work is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. Without this passion life is very mundane, rather like picking up the phone each morning and listening to a dial tone. Many people are surprised to find I have a career,  as it seems that I don’t need money. They are missing the point of life. It is interesting to imagine what your life would look like if you had enough money and didn’t have to work. I know most people are not lucky enough to have this oppportunity.  What would you do with your time? If your children were grown and there was no one to account to, ask yourself how would you spend your day? Many people think this is the best idea they have heard and imagine true and complete happiness at this freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am in having this blessed life. I do think it is interesting to look at what we would really do if we didn’t have to think about salary because it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The hardest part of this search is discovering within yourself what work you truly value for the work  itself, and not the salary. You could be a gardener and not enjoy what you planted. You could be a psychologist and not be heartened by the strength you help nurture in your clients. Whatever you chose to do in life is only worthwhile if you believe it is worthwhile. The interesting part is discovering what you value and why.

I value my work with Healing Touch as I help my clients feel better. It is as simple as that. I get enormous satisfaction from hearing that a client feels better when they leave my treatment room and hearing they feel happier, lighter, and more positive. Healing Touch has brought meaning to my life in a way nothing has before and I am grateful to have found this path.

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