Healing Touch and Psychic Hits: After all it is the full moon!

I have always had information come to me in unorthodox ways and it used to trouble me as I didn’t understand the method of transmission. It still troubles me  as I don’t understand the method of transmission but I no longer doubt the reality of what happens.  The first time I recall knowing what was going to happen in the near future was when I was about six. It was my birthday and we were having a party for my family and a few friends. My mother was insisting on using this strange contraption which we had used for all of my siblings birthday cakes over the years:  one lit a few candles on top of the cake and the heat from the candles caused this miniature merry go round thing  to spin.I asked her not to use this on my cake, giving her my very plausible explanation which was I knew it would catch fire. She ignored me and lit the candles. The cake was brought to my place at the long table and promptly caught on fire and my father used another plate to squash the fire and the cake as well! I remember thinking how powerless it was to be six and not have anyone listen to you. I also remember how troubling it was to have foreseen this event and not have anyone to talk to about what had happened. For many years this strange premonition stuck in my mind and I noticed that I had other, short term premonitions as well. I say short term as I would see things that happened about 12 hours max before they would happen. The most common lead time was about 2 or 3 minutes. I would hear people saying things before they said them. I would know what would be revealed underneath the brown paper of an unexpected gift. Sometimes I saw things happening in an almost film like manner and sometimes I just felt as if  I knew the outcome without playing it all out in my mind. This was fairly troubling to a child as not too many kids go around talking about their psychic hits and in my family there was certainly not a lot of talk about this type of thing. I gradually began to try to ignore what I knew rather than face how differently I experienced the world from most other people.

When I began the practice of Healing Touch I began to experience strong information about my clients through contact with their bodies. Often this information came in the form of a brief picture or a word in my head. I also felt changes in the bodies of my clients through disturbed energy  and information in my head about where they had problems. I ignored this at first as well. Then I began to let certain pieces of information fall into our sessions asking if they were familiar with a certain name I had heard while working on them or whether or not they were having pain in a specific place. I was usually correct in my analysis and I soon grew more confident in letting out the information I received as my clients found it reassuring. I remember one specific time during a session with my friend, Tom, when I saw the gravestones of three men and could read their names. I recounted the names to him at the end of the session and he said they were the names of his three uncles who were dead. They had all been very close to him as a child. I have also heard from special people who were no longer alive when I ask for guidance in working on my clients and I usually feel a presence in the room. On occasion I have had a client remove their eye bag and look to see where I am in the room. They tell me this is because they feel hands on their body when they know it is not me. This is a wonderful event for me as it tells me the guides of the clients are working through me to heal my client.

Now that I am older I realize I am lucky to have this gift and I believe we all have it but deny it. We doubt our own ability to hear and see things in our mind that do not come to us in the usual manner. I know everyone can do what I do , we just need to accept the fact that this type of communication happens. The simplest example of this is when you know a car is coming around the corner ahead of you. This happens so often to us we don’t even notice it. We are suddenly more careful to stay on our side of the road when driving around the corner and then we see the car coming in the opposite direction.

I ask for help from the universe all the time as I am always answered. When I lose something i ask for help in finding it. When I ask for more work it heads my way and when I ask for more friends I meet them on the strett where I live. I am always grateful for the connections I have with another realm and I find the information available to us is very useful in life.

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  1. Margot Avatar

    Yes, tried this today after reading! I was in Office Depot– which felt like the size of a small city– and could find no White Out (yes, apparently, people still use it) I asked 2 different clerks and still no luck (this mega-store induced blindness afflicts me at Safeway and Target too). I remembered this post and asked for help and there it was with a fancy, new foam style brush. I think it has something to do with faith that what you are looking for is actually there?

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