Full Moon Tonight: Put on Your Dreaming Shoes!

Venus Jupiter & the new Moon in Harmony
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I am copying my friend, Brenda Brush’s wriing from her website: www.brendabrush.com below as I think it is an important observation. She is a kind of astrological genius as she predicts what happens in the world and I have had some amazing conversations with her.Anyway I think in this piece on the full moon tonight she is very accurate.

Probably most of you have recently felt a shift in our lives. This shift has been on a more positive note than in previous months. Things seem lighter and more lively. There is less effort involved with making things happen. loneliness is lessened and connections have strengthened. The world has needed to fall apart before its inhabitants were able to draw closer to one another.

Relationships that have no meaning are being cast aside and those which have meaning are springing up all the time and without the least bit of effort. If you let this happen around you and allow fear to fall away I think you will find some amazing feelings of joy and peacefulness arise within you.

I had a visit from my wonderful daughter last week and we took a hike in the Bear Valley. I was filled with a profound sense of peace and happiness. It wasn’t a particularly taxing hike or a long one, it was a hike where each piece of nature seemed to call out to us and remind us how lovely she is. The bark on the underside of the trees, the lichen on the large rocks, the sound of the small stream finding its way down the mountain, all reminded us of the moment.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy hiking.

Below is what I think it is very important information.

October 16th, 2010

Dear Friends,

The New Moon in Libra was launched on the 7th of October. The emphasis is on bringing our lives into balance. Getting cooperation where necessary, and to move things along. Opportunities may be coming your way, or you may already be wrestling with some options. Venus, the ruler of Libra, went retrograde in Scorpio on the 8th of October to bring things that have been buried to the surface. This may be a time when you are able to retrieve some part of you that you have lost. Venus will begin a new year and a half cycle, in the middle of her retrograde, on the 28th of October. We are in this deep and intense waiting period. What is next? What kind of feedback will you get during this Venus retrograde that will help shape your future?

This brings me to discuss the Full Moon that will arrive on October 22nd at 9:37 pm EDT at 29 degrees of Aries. A Full Moon brings to fruit what the New Moon promises. This should be a very interesting Full Moon because it is sitting at the last degree of Aries. It is bringing things into your life that you cannot refuse. A new identity is emerging, and there will be the letting go of the role you have been attached to.

There is a feeling of waiting when there is a something activating 29 degrees of a sign. There is also anticipation. There is also a feeling of “It’s about time”. Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and has to do with initiating things, you may begin to initiate something that will demand all of you. Aries is also the sign of identity. You may be encouraged to grow, and learn new things to expand your lifestyle.

Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries, therefore, it is the ruler of this Full Moon, and it is currently in Scorpio. Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. This iS the time of rebirth; or, we are getting a second chance to be. Mars joined Venus retrograde in Scorpio on October 3rd. The message was transmitted. Venus is what we want, and Mars is the action necessary to get it. Mars went ahead and Venus kept retrograding in a deeply searching mode. She is cleaning up the loose ends of the past and preparing for what is to come. This Full Moon, ruled by Mars, will bring things to a head. That happens on the 22nd, and we will feel it until the next Full Moon on November 21st. Change is in the air and it is time to move on. This Full Moon period will include Venus starting her New Cycle on the 28th of October, and Venus going direct on November 18th. A lot will be happening between this Full Moon in Aries and the next one in Taurus.

The rest of the story, as presented by the other Planets at the time of this Full Moon, is quite interesting. This Full Moon takes place in the last of Aries. The last ten degrees of Aries is ruled by the sign Sagittarius. So, the co-ruler of this lunation is Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is currently in Pisces loosening all the boundaries and limitations. This will enable us to see an unlimited vision of what the future is offering. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, knowing things, and how we can grow and expand. Jupiter has been keeping company with Uranus for the last 10 months. They joined on June 8th at 00 degrees of Aries planting some seeds for a new beginning. They both went retrograde, and went back into Pisces where they continued to stay together. They are launching a 12 year cycle which will offer us a higher level of awareness to operate from. Jupiter pulls away from Uranus when it re-enters Aries on January 22nd. In the meantime, Uranus is the Planet of awakening. Uranus wants change. Uranus wants us to get out of our comfort zone and do what we do in a new way. Jupiter is all for the expansion and growth. With the two of them united you cannot help but move forward in a new way. Uranus wants us to get over ourselves and open up. Uranus is the Planet of freedom. Do you know how to be free without upsetting what you already have? That is the key.

Now, there is another player in the drama of this Full Moon at 29 degrees of Aries, and that is Neptune. The last two and a half degrees of Aries is ruled by Pisces, therefore, Neptune is a co-ruler. Neptune has been in Aquarius for 13 years. It is due to leave that area over the next year or so. Neptune stays in each sign fourteen years. Neptune dissolves boundaries. Neptune is the energy of letting go and trusting. It is the ability to hear the music of life and move gracefully with that energy. The negative side of Neptune is addiction. Trying to escape from the pressures of life rather than trusting and flowing with the energy. Aquarius is the sign that represents humanity. It is the sign of invention, breaking the mold, and thinking for ourselves. In Aquarius, you get away from self, and expand to help your fellowman. Over the last thirteen years, we have been able to connect with one another, because of the technology that has emerged. Aquarius is responsible for the development of all the social networking sites. Neptune opened all that up, but since Neptune is not about boundaries you have to set your own in order to operate safely in a world that has become wide open. Chiron is keeping company with Neptune. The last time that happened was September, 1945 at 5 degrees of Libra. That was the end of the Second World War. Now, Neptune and Chiron are together again, but this time in Aquarius, and it is time for us to heal one another. It is softening the boundaries that divide us, so we can understand and appreciate one another. We are all one, but each of us brings a unique quality to the world. It is time to enjoy the difference, then, we can grow.

There was a Solar Eclipse July 21st, 2009 at 29 degrees of Cancer. A Solar Eclipse holds the energy in that degree for a couple of years. Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac that has to do with home, family, roots, security, and everything that gives us shelter in life. This has brought those issues up. This Full Moon at 29 degrees of Aries is square to that Solar Eclipse. It is bringing up those challenges. The need to pay attention to what we need and what changes need to be made. Things will begin to show up now that will give you a clue as to what direction to move into. Every Full Moon from now until March will be 29 degrees of a sign. This is the first one and starts the ball rolling in the direction where you want to find yourself by March/April of 2011. Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac that shows what we care about, and what we want to protect. It is those things that are important to us now.

Jupiter moves into Aries on January 22nd, Uranus moves into Aries on March 11th, and so it seems we need to prepare ourselves to take the lead in our lives. This Full Moon, in Aries at 29 degrees, is giving you a heads up. Things are changing, and you need to steer the issues that come up in the way that serves you best. Happy New You that is slowly developing. Allow the energy in.

Blessings, Brenda

 All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT

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    Thanks, Lulu, for the moon talk, as I am always fascinated by people who can describe patterns of meaning in the heavens and possible changes ahead. And I especially loved your description of hiking with Annabel, so mystical in the midst of autumn.

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