don’t let fear get in the way of life

Fear is a mean and nasty spirit that jumps into your body and wrecks almost everything you feel like doing because once you feel fear you stop doing it.The thing I try to remember about fear is to recognize what it is when I feel it. If I forget this crucial step I can be overcome by fear and miss out on important things that offer themselves to me in life. For example: if someone asks me to dinner with a group of people I don’t know I usually regret the invitation. I know this is ridiculous but I spend way too much time rationalizing this choice and telling myself I would have had a terrible time anyway.New opportunities in life are like the gold, frankincense, and myrrh that appear in the Christmas tale. They are offered to us in life as gifts that honor our lives and refuel them. Jump on these opportunities and bathe in the luxury of the unexpected.

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