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  • I found my castle but…

    I found my castle but...

  • notes from London

    Notes from London… This morning I found my castle but its edible and in a store window in London.  Oh Well! London is weird at the moment as everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cab drivers are weirdly angry and yet life goes on. Last night a friend stopped a cab for […]

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  • Fragrance Crimes

    Fragrance crimes Why oh why do people think the world should smell them? Honestly! I don’t understand it! Wearing perfume so strong that it wafts through a room after a person is really unattractive. I think it is like those in cars who blare their music to the world. You know those cars, they stop […]

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  • My Madrid Man

    My Madrid Man

    so I met this guy in Madrid  and asked if I could take his picture. He smiled as if he did this all the time and posed against his car. I really liked this guy as he was so comfortable with himself. He lived in a town where everyone was a little unusual but I […]

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  • Santa Fe Door

    Santa Fe Door

    I love Santa Fe…there are a lot of places there where one can get lost in images. I forgot how I loved to take pictures when I was young. I forgot all the time spent in a darkroom and remembered only the long days in a dark room in a hospital where I developed only […]

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  • Santa Fe

    For a single person Santa Fe is a good place to visit as it is casual and not focused on family entertainment. I am here for a photographic workshop which is probably my first since college. I find it challenging as well as frustrating as I am not as knowledgable as others in the class. […]

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