Author: lucindaw

  • india becoming terrifying

    When I began to watch the news last evening about India I was transfixed: it seemed so frightening to me that a place like Mumbai or a hotel like the Taj would be under attack. The video’s of people struggling to find a safe place and the recorded sounds of gunfire and explosions were terrifying […]

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  • nothing to pin down

    The funniest thing about life is the jokes you don’t get for a long time. The funniest joke to me is the fact that we really have no control over anything, least of all ourselves. I have spent so much time worrying about what I said or did and how it would affect someone else. […]

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  • stress and healing

    Stress is a big part of today’s world and everyone is feeling it to some degree or another. Recognizing stress when we feel it and detaching from it is the only way to manage it. Love is the way to live and there is no other path.

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