astral travel and ego separation

I could describe to you here how to travel through space without having to bring your hand luggage or your body but then I know you might find me too weird to keep on reading my blog. Suffice to say sometimes I do it.  I learned in the same way people learn to communicate without words : trial and error. If you try too hard sometimes it really backfires on you. In the first few levels of Healing Touch I learned there were different levels of “power” to use while working on clients. One client of mine had to rest in my living room  for several hours as she felt “completely undone” by her session with me.  At first, I thought she was slightly hysterical and tended to overlook her complaint. No one likes to hear complaints. Then I realized there were levels of power one should use while using Healing Touch as each person required something different. This was a real revelation to me as it was a bit like driving a car on different roads. If the road was bumpy you slowed down and if the road was slick and smooth you could go faster. It took me a while to figure out how to find the appropriate level of energy to use with my clients, and now that I have a system the sessions work more smoothly. “Tell me the system” you might ask.  Well, that is an easy thing to say but not so easy to explain. The system involves allowing your ego to step aside and asking the universe to come in and moderate for you. It’s the age old AA saying of giving up control to a higher power and allowing and accepting the fact that you have no control over the outcome. I trust in the universes ability to moderate the level of energy I ask the universe to apply it to the places the body needs it to be. I am trying now to use this “step aside” theory in my relationships which is challenging but very rewarding.

The New York Times had an article recently in the MODERN LOVE column written by Laura Munson entitled “Those aren’t fighting words, dear”. The article was very powerful for many women and I hope you googleit as the author explains what she did in reaction to her husbands decision to tell her he didn’t love here and that he was moving out. Her reaction which was apparently unplanned was to refuse to involve her own ego and feel hurt and broken by these words. Instead she removed her ego from this dynamic and saw that her husband needed time to recover from whatever torment he was suffering. She went on to live her life with her children and allowed him to behave badly all summer by coming home late, ignoring family plans and basically ignoring the family and his role in it. Eventually he returned to the role he had always played and life went on as before. The author explains that she was able to see that her husband had lost his pride in himself and needed to get it back. She also admits that this period was extremely difficult for her. I read the article and marveled at her ability to sustain this role. I couldn’t do it. If someone I loved told me they didn’t love me anymore I think I might fall into a mess of sobbing and depression. I would have a very hard time detaching and believing this didn’t come from a real place but was the result of my partner’s loss of self esteem. I would feel anger and panic, grief and terror.

When I think about this article after a few days have passed since my first read, I am feeling skepticism and disappointment. In reflecting on this example of how to react to anther’s painful statements about the relationship you are in, I am suddenly angry as I realize the reaction of the author is one  that is typically female. I try to imagine a man reacting in this way to being told he wasn’t loved or that the marriage meant nothing and I can’t come up with the image. Please let me know I am not alone in this. Or please let me know I am wrong. I find that men just give up for the most part when confronted with pain or anger. Suddenly, right in front of your eyes, they become like a turtle and back into the shell goes the head. Men are seemingly much more ego sensitive than women. They never allow the opportunity to arise where they might be vulnerable while we run out into the oncoming traffic never thinking of ourselves.

Therefore….what is my point? Saving a family is important but is this family saved? How can the author forget the callous things said to her as well as the callous behavior over the summer?  What kind of example did this set for the children?I know I couldn’t. I would want to forget so I could move on but I can’t be certain I would be able to. Is this an example of allowing ones ego to step aside or is it another example of women allowing themselves to be trampled on for the sake of the male ego?

I think that it is time for astral travel….don’t you?

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