Another Hurricane Coming

Seat belts are important
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Another Hurricane Coming

Hurricane: hurricane

Sounds like a Negro spiritual or command to walk faster

Or maybe a warning to not eat sugar

Or a sigh for the world

Hurricane creeping up the coast while we scurry

To get ready again all the while hoarding and grabbing

The Red Cross is changing color

And the crossing guards have quit.

No one is in charge

And everyone is yelling orders.

I am looking under my bed for currency

And sitting in the audience like Schopenhauer said,

A child waiting for the curtain to rise on life.

When we were young my mother used to love storms and would drive us out to the beach to watch them. All of us piled into an old woodie wagon with no seat belts or car seats or shoes or guns. Get out of the car, she would say, feel the wind, watch the waves, they might snatch you up. Away you would go. I usually sat in the car and shut my eyes.

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  1. Don H Avatar

    I remember Hurricane Carol in 1956 (the name of my older sister – I didn´t believe it was a coincidence). We were at the camp in New Hampshire up in the woods overlooking Lake Winnipeasaukee. My parents built the camp from the fallen trees or the 1936 hurricane. We sat scared in the camp, surrounded by 80 foot pine trees that seemed to be bending in half (and in unison). Beautiful and frightening all at once. In the eye of the storm my mother walked us down ther big hill to the dock- a ferocious silence. I can see it now.

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