Anger Management

Everyone is dreaming even if they never dreamed before. This is making people feel like they are going nuts! Dreams come from our subconscious where nothing is censored. That’s the scary part. Sometimes we feel as if we are dreaming reality and then we wake up and must sit with these dreams and pray they don’t come true or they do come true. I find my dreams way too fascinating. I always have.

When I was a child, many things would happen I had already seen would happen.

I am becoming uncensored or maybe that’s always been my nature and now I am relishing being the way I am.

I have this bad habit of listening to other people’s conversations even though I am supposed to be attentive to the ones I am with. I feel like my life is like a party line. Wherever I am, I am listening: eating dinner in a restaurant is particularly good for this habit. One can listen in to several conversations and also be attentive to one’s own group. You must be very careful to maintain eye contact with your fellow diners so as not to be found out. I am good at this. A somewhat useless skill.

Last night I was at a local restaurant with people I love but I was also listening.

The couple seated next to us were interesting to me because the guy was one of those bossy males who was planning out the entire dinner before his guests arrived and instructing his partner how to behave. I was immediately transfixed. I was transfixed because he annoyed me. He was directing her on where to sit, where he should sit, and where the guest should sit that would soon arrive. It was all about power and he obviously wanted power.

At the end of our dinner my friends and I playfully fought over the check. We always do this as its fun and my friends are so generous! I won after a battle and paid our bill.

At this point the annoying guy shouted to the waiter, “Put our bill on her account!”

We all laughed but not really and then somehow got into a conversation about criminal behavior. Don’t ask me how. The conversation quickly went downhill because this guy apparently loved a fight. He remarked that he thought white collar crime was the worst crime ever. I asked him if this included rape and murder and he responded yes.

I asked him again if he really believed that white collar crime was worse than murder and rape. His response was an even more vociferous yes.

I got up from the table and said that I had to leave because what he said was so incredibly wrong. Here’s my attitude: a life is a life. Take it and it’s gone with all the possibilities you can imagine.

 Rape a woman and her life is irreparably damaged, in all probability she will suffer for the rest of her life. She will be traumatized beyond repair as will her family. She will always feel fear.

Stealing money and savings is very damaging and very destructive but there is one difference. Most who suffer from this will go on to recover and survive. True, some will give up and be unable to recover their loss, but they will still be alive, breathing, able to love and feel and see their children grow.

Comparing murder and rape with loss of money doesn’t even begin to make an argument in my eyes. Valuing money over life doesn’t make sense to me. Believe me, what people like Madoff did  was and is unconscionable and yes, it did affect many lives and created enormous problems for his victims. Some did commit suicide feeling as if they could not go on. I understand that. It was a terrible thing but it was not the conscious taking of life or the conscious physical damaging of a woman.

I think I got the last word. As we were leaving, I clearly stated, “I bet you are a Trump supporter!”

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