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summer my house 003In reflecting on what I wrote this morning I have a slightly different point of view….Perhaps if you were to say to a man you didn’t love him and you needed space he would simply give it to you but for different reasons. He wouldn’t want to get into a discussion involving painful things and would hope it all would go away… Maybe instead of thinking all those complicated thoughts about ego involvement and pain you might be better off pretending to be a man. Sometimes I do this. I lower my voice and walk with a swagger and shut down my mind. Sounds crazy, right? Actually it makes life easier to focus on work rather than relationship and when I do it I am much happier. Let me know what you think.

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2 responses to “addendum to former blog”

  1. ann seymour Avatar

    Women like to discuss relationships, men, sport scores, politics, what’s for dinner. I really love that line in Wall St. when one baddie asks another about why he dumped a girl.
    Answer: She asked the wrong question
    What question?
    What are you thinking?

  2. Margot Avatar

    Still thinking about this— I think its partly just about energy: How much energy do you have to put into dealing with this angry man right now (and all of his issues and why he is angry and if you must leave him or stay and how the kids will feel blah blah blah etc?) if it were me, the anwser would be hardly any! And as hard/ impossible as it seems it would be to wait something like that out, maybe if she simply oriented her energy in that direction, it would be much easier and smarter than getting sucked in?

    But wait– isn’t that just classic repression??? Yes, she’s a doormat. Get out of there, woman!

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