This morning on the news in London there is a home video of Sarah Fergusen, formerly known as the Duchess of York, attempting to get cash in exchange for introducing the undercover reporter to her former husband, Prince Andrew. It is very painful to watch the video as this is a member of the royal family and it is clear that the woman in the video is the real Sarah Ferguson. As I watched this on TV I was filled with shame for her and imagined what her life will be from now on. There is no doubt in my mind that she is under a great deal of financial pressure to have to have done this. I am sure the reporter who set this up was aware of that fact and devised a plan to seduce her into thinking she could get a lot of cash in exchange for a simple introduction. Poor Sarah Ferguson has a spending problem or some other type of addiction which has now become public.

Sometimes we seek the seamy side of people’s lives so we can feel more confident in our own. In this case I don’t feel more confident, nor will anyone else viewing the video. What one feels is shame for her and pity that she has had to stoop so low. I wonder what her life would have been like had she married a commoner. Would she have been happier, less troubled, more peaceful, and less apt to spend in an out of control manner? Who knows the answer to these questions but the feeling of shame is not a nice one.                                                                                                                          

Supposedly we suffer from either shame or guilt. Mine was a household where guilt was encouraged. I suspect many of us had this in common. Poor Sarah Ferguson. I feel ashamed for her now and sorry her life is so out of control and so obviously lonely. I doubt it is easy to marry into any royal family or to have been born into one. The only royals who appear to be blissfully are Camilla and Charles aned this is a wonderful romantic story. Can you believe I said that?

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  1. John McWilliams Avatar
    John McWilliams

    Ooooh, just saw the Fergie hash up. Sad, sad, but also cynical and perverted.

    BTW, access to me can be had for half the £40,000, and I get a cut from my ex-wife…..

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