The soft sweep of fall is upon us even here in California. The skies darken earlier each day and the light of the summer sun taunts us with her retreat over the rusty mountains. I think everyone feel a little bit sad as winter approaches in their own knowing of the darkness ahead. It’s a time for adding blankets to the bed, buying wood, making soup, cleaning gutters, sorting through summer clothes and storing them in the cedar closet which no one has anymore. It’s a time for seeking out the comfort of old friends and dogs who love you.


Early in the morning one   can see the tendrils of vegetable smoke curling up from the nests of brambles along the path to town. Look closely at the departing night sky when you go out to get the paper. Stop and watch the spider weaving her web and resist any temptation to tear it down.


Things are turning brown all around us and there seems to be little rebirth. Today my banker asked if I wanted to invest in a five year bond and I declined. All we have is the moment, our breath, the ones we love and a great capacity for joy.



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